This departman of the laboratory is a main pillar in the path of identifying metal materials using OES technology and relying on experienced experts, which provides the possibility of determining the chemical composition of metals and their compliance with standards.

Multiple standard samples for permanent equipment calibration

Using specialized and experienced experts to track and identify metal materials .


In general, the metal materials tested in this laboratory are as follows :

Simple carbon steel and low alloy steels

Alloy steels, stainless and fireproof steels

Tools steels

Hotfield steels

Gray, malleable, ductile and white cast irons

Alloy cast irons , Ni hard and Ni resist cast irons

Aluminum base alloys

Copper base alloys – analysis of brass – analysis of bronze – analysis of tin copper alloy

Zinc base alloys

Analysis of welding electrodes and fillermetals

Analysis of welding spot